Bahrain Visas and Bahrain Visa Control.

Virtually everyone needs a visa to enter Bahrain, except for G.C.C. Nationals but these are not usually difficult to obtain. Two-week visitors’ visas for Bahrain costing BD 5 are issued to most native-born nationals from Europe, Canada, Australia or New Zealand without problems either at Bahrain International Airport or on the King Fahad Causeway from Saudi Arabia. US citizens must pay either BD 1O for a Bahrain three-day visa or BD 15 for Bahrain seven days. British Nationals will be issued an automatic three month Visa, which costs BD 3 due to a reciprocal deal for Bahraini Nationals in the UK. Visitors able to prove that they are travelling on to Saudi Arabia pay only BD 2. It should not be assumed that Bahrain visas will necessarily be issued for the spouse and children of the worker. Some agreements with Middle-Eastern countries to abolish visas have been affected by new European Union arrangements, so check that your visas are in order for onward travel, including those of your spouse and children.
Foreign nationals may enter Bahrain with a tourist visa (for individuals or groups), 72-hour visa, 7-day visa, visit visa, business visa, family visa, dependent visa or an employment visa. In addition, all visitors who hold valid resident permits for Saudi Arabia can be issued a free 2-week visa. All applications for extension must be signed by a local sponsor. In the case of tourist visas, the hotel may act as a sponsor.

Detailed information on Visa Requirements for Bahrain.

Tourist visa
This type of visa can be obtained at the Bahrain International Airport or King Fahad causeway for citizens of the EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong and the United States. Visitors must have no criminal record or involvement in activities that could threaten public order or national security. They are not permitted to seek employment while in Bahrain.
Groups may obtain visas to Bahrain for a duration of up to 2 weeks, renewable once for a similar period. Visas are obtained through hotels, travel and tourist agencies and other firms licensed to conduct tourist activities in Bahrain.

Employment visa
This is required for those who wish to work legally in Bahrain and become residents of the country. A work permit from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the General Directorate of Immigration and Passports (GDIP) are required before this visa can be issued. In addition, all American and Canadian passport holders can be issued a 5-year multiple entry visa, valid for one month’s stay on each visit. British passport holders can be issued a 3-month entry visa, valid for one month’s stay on each visit. This can be issued by the GDIP in Bahrain or by any Bahrain Embassy.


Visit visa

  • This is issued to foreign nationals who intend to visit relatives or friends in Bahrain. The application for a visit visa must be signed by a local sponsor and presented to the GDIP. The following documents must be presented with the application:-
  • a letter from the applicant’s sponsor.
  • a copy of the applicant’s CPR card.
  • a copy of the visitor’s passport.

The visit visa is normally valid for one month’s stay in Bahrain, but can sometimes be extended to a maximum of three months. A longer stay may be granted in exceptional circumstances. A person on a visit visa is not allowed to work or engage in business activities during their stay in Bahrain.

Business visa
This type of visa is similar to a visit visa, but the purpose of the visit is business.

Family visa
This visa is granted to a wife and children of a resident employee. The visa holder may not take up employment in Bahrain but can stay as long as the resident employee stays.

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